Pitcairn Astro

Post-rock, or perhaps instrumental ambient/post/space/prog. Who knows which pigeon hole to file this under…

Seeking a new direction after 20-plus years making psychedelic space rock and ambient electronic music, it’s now time to set course down the post-rock rabbit hole - a genre that is just about as wide as it gets. After all, what is “post-rock” other than an enormous umbrella covering artists as diverse as Godspeed You Black Emperor!, Sigur Ros, Hammock, and even Talk Talk, who get credited with possibly the first post-rock album.

“Rock instruments used in a non-rock way” is one description - but isn’t that what progressive rock did in the early 70’s when they threw away verse/chorus/verse song structure and took us on a 20-minute ride to who knows where, with added violins and flutes?

Is this new venture post-rock? Possibly, but then really, who isn’t? Pink Floyd were all over the “instrumental rock with spoken-word samples” in the 70’s, and the eclectic electronic ambient plunderer Scanner probably set the benchmark for “ambient drones with spoken-word samples” in the 1990’s. Bands like Godspeed You Black Emperor (move ! as appropriate) just put it all in one place.

There is a determined effort to emphasise guitar texture and sound over outright versatility; so expect lots of guitars, but don’t expect lengthy guitar solo’s - however it’s not guaranteed that one won’t creep in occasionally.

Expect keyboards, but not prog-rock noodling.

Expect ambience, but not endless drones.

Check out the new album “In The Ocean I Wave” on bandcamp - https://pitcairnastro.bandcamp.com/