January 2020
A new decade approaches, and so does a new website. 2020 sees the 20th anniversary of my first music releases. A lot has changed since 2000 - my demo’s were on tape for a start! In the two decades since then tapes have been and gone, CD’s are now antiques; and downloading, musical piracy and general worldwide indifference has finally killed off my enthusiasm for producing finished albums.
So what about my 20th anniversary then? Well, 2020 is going to be my final year of releasing albums into the world. That’s not to say that I’m giving up on music, I’ll continue to play for the pleasure of it, however actual releases will be a rarity in the future. That being said, I suppose I’ll have to try and go out with a bang!
This website will therefore now become an archive for all things Nick - my musical history in all its guises, space rock, ambient, metal, stoner rock, even the ill fated Zodiac Wheel techno. The foray into psychedelic light shows as Jellyfish Projections should also generate some good gig pictures.
Nick Toone, Heavy Relic, Jellyfish Projections - sometimes fun, sometimes frustrating.

November 2019
All of the ambient albums on my bandcamp page have now been deleted, as has the entire page. I’m finding little or no enthusiasm to post ambient electronic albums into the artistic black hole that is the internet.
Maybe I’ll return with an electronic album one day, who knows.

June 2018
“Alchemist” - further forays into nearly beatless ambient. NOW DELETED.

December 2017
“Grains” - my latest ambient release is available on Bandcamp. Featuring further explorations into modular synthesis. NOW DELETED.

June 2017
Well, well - it would appear to be that time again. “Fragments of Modern Life” my latest ambient album is virtually complete; and is just in the final listening and artwork phase before being uploaded to Bandcamp. I’m expecting to have it released by the end of the month. NOW DELETED.

January 2017
Happy New Year! Here’s a 60-minute live ambient jam created on my modular:
For those who seek such knowledge, the following devices were used:
Sound sources:
Omsonic RNO, Mobenthey Denum, Mutable Instruments Elements, 4MS Spectral Multiband Resonator, Waldorf NW1, Doepfer A-110-4, Synthesis Technology E350, Blue Lantern Synth X, Music Thing Modular Radio Music.
Sound Shaping & Modulation:
MI Warps, Branches & Clouds, Omsonic VCF-1, Rossum Evolution, Make Noise Wiard Wogglebug, MN Function, NLC Timbre!,Doepfer A-171-2 plus lots of LFO's.
Clocks & Quantising:
av500 Euclidean Circles, Music Thing Turing Machine, Doepfer A-156, Ladik R-120.

December 2016
“Alive in the Company of Ghosts”. Ambient soundscapes, techno beats and dubby basslines.
90% of this album was performed on Eurorack modular - only the drums, percussion and sequenced basslines are from other sources.
Tracks 2 to 7 were recorded live in one take with no overdubs - no computers were used in the musical performance, it's all hardware.

September 2016
I’ve spent the last six months getting into modular synths - here is the new home for some of my self-playing “Krell” style patches.

July 2016
Lava Lamp - the new EP from Heavy Relic is released today, 1/7/2016. A 30-minute, four-track collection of instrumental heavy-psych / stoner rock / weirdness.

May 2016
A free bonus from the Low Earth Orbit sessions - Return Trip, a continuous 60 minute piece. Partly inspired by the work I did on the Train Klang album for Steve Palmer, I wasn’t happy with any of the edits I did to try and fit it on L.E.O. so here it is in all its overblown, extravagance.
Have a good trip.

April 2016
Low Earth Orbit is NOW DELETED.
My first ambient album since Circles of Silence in 2011 has been completed and is currently being washed, polished and generally fettled with prior to its official release on April 23rd.

On a downside, I’ve fallen out with YouTube so have deleted my account. Any videos hosted there have been deleted, however I may post them on here at some point.
December 2015
Damn, Lemmy is dead. - I love Motorhead. By way of a small tribute to the bass monster, Heavy Relic have covered “Capricorn”; you’ll only find it here  for the moment.

September 2015
It’s Heavy Relic time again! The fourth HR album, “Go Forth” is now available via Bandcamp http://heavyrelic.bandcamp.com/ Another hour of instrumental, psychedelic riffage for your aural pleasure.

The Zodiac Wheel Bandcamp page has been shelved as it was doing nothing, videos will still feature on YouTube though.

February 2015
Ten years ago I put out an album under the “Zodiac Wheel” moniker, which was a collection of my techno tracks.
Unfortunately it sank without trace, never to be seen again :)
However, I feel it’s about time I resurrected the Zodiac Wheel name as I’ve been beavering away on a whole bunch of acid house / techno tracks for a while now. It feels like the time is right to throw them out there and see what happens.

November 2014
Heavy Relic 3 has been completed and is now available for download via Bandcamp http://heavyrelic.bandcamp.com/
This particular musical direction is quite enjoyable for me at the moment, and it has certainly brought a whole new audience.
On the downside of course, I expect to be hassling more sites hosting illegal downloads of the album; one of the “joys” of releasing music I suppose.

February 2014
Well folks, the second Heavy Relic album has arrived. Predictably titled “2” it features eight more instrumental heavy tracks that you can zone out to. Check it out here: http://heavyrelic.bandcamp.com/
Within eight hours of release it has its first review, which you can read here: http://www.stonerobixxx.net/blog/heavy-relic-2

January 2014
A brand new Heavy Relic track “Atomic Rhythm” is featured on the new compilation from the Heavy Planet website http://www.heavyplanet.net. “Bong Hits From the Astral Basement Volume 2” includes 100 independent bands & artists from predominantly the heavier end of the stoner / psych spectrum.

Get your copy for free at this page:

September 2013
Just some of minor tweaks and added music to a couple of pages.
Heavy Relic is doing much better than anticipated, there must be a market for this kind of music :)

July 2013
Welcome to the redesigned Roomful of Wires…
Introducing HEAVY RELIC - a new side project for me; for lovers of lengthy, instrumental, fuzzed up, heavy psychedelic guitar jams. Down-tuned guitars and big drums mean this is not my typical noodley psychedelic affair - fluffy and lightweight this most certainly isn’t!
Heavy Relic will be the home for my noisier guitar output - think of stoner bands such as Earthless, Samsara Blues Experiment, and even the sprawling workouts that used to be a feature of late-80’s Bevis Frond or Tangle Edge.
Most other albums have now been deleted, with only Circles of Silence, Himalayan Surf Music and the new Heavy Relic album available for download.

January 2012
The homepage image has been changed to reflect the release of 'Himalayan Surf Music'.
After last years forays into Handpan and Ambient releases, my guitar/psych recordings of 2011 have finally been gathered together in one place. 'Himalayan Surf Music' is the best of last years noodley freakouts; the title just jumped out when I compiled the tracklisting :)
The video for 'Surf Music' can be found here.
The video for 'Temples' is here.
The album can be downloaded here.

September 2011
The homepage image has been changed to reflect the release of 'Circles of Silence', a new 4-track 60-minute album of beatless ambient music.
The theme for this release is centred around the work of the Dragon Project, whose work on ancient British megalithic sites is very interesting indeed.  
As usual the album can be found on the downloads page.

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