Born in 2013 as an independent offshoot for my louder output, Heavy Relic are for lovers of lengthy, instrumental, fuzzed up, heavy psychedelic guitar jams. Guitar, bass, drums and synth/effects, boiled together into a mind-melting stew.

The only legitimate download for Heavy Relic albums is via Bandcamp, anywhere else is a rip-off and I get nothing, so don’t do it!

Heavy Relic Reviews:

“It's like being caught up in a Shamanic dream”.

“Possibly a little more metallic than their instrumental contemporaries Earthless, Frozen Planet 1969 and Tia Carrera but every bit as damn good!” Bandcamp review.

“Opening with Fuzz, fizzle and swirl, "Return To The Cruel Sea" prowls the barnacled Doom fathoms, swelling eddies of guitar tumbling through shoals and shore breaks..."Drop Flat" throws a low punch the Marquis of Queensbury himself would wince at: a rubbery, twanging bassline hauling fat Psychedelic wailings in it's wake. All seven tracks exude a heavy, sludgy vibe sprinkled with psychedelic glitter.”

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