Born in 2013 as an independent offshoot for my louder output, Heavy Relic are for lovers of lengthy, instrumental, fuzzed up, heavy psychedelic guitar jams. Guitar, bass, drums and synth/effects, boiled together into a mind-melting stew.

The only legitimate download for Heavy Relic albums is via Bandcamp, anywhere else is a rip-off and I get nothing, so don’t do it!


July 2021

COVID continues to give us a lot of free time so I set a goal - to record a “nearly” live album, all tracks recorded in one take, and no overdubs. So no multi-tracked guitar parts or acoustic interludes etc. The only edits were for musical cock-ups, of which there were plenty. The usual remote-musical suspects added their parts and here we have it - “Heavy Electric Sounds”. Only available from the bandcamp page, anywhere else is a rip-off. As one review said “It's like being caught up in a Shamanic dream”.









January 2021

Well, despite saying HR were going into retirement, COVID came along and gave us all lots of extra time to thrash about on our guitars! The end result of all this time in lockdown is a new Heavy Relic album: “The Apparition of The Grand Cabala”. As usual it’s only available direct from our Bandcamp page -

“Possibly a little more metallic than their instrumental contemporaries Earthless, Frozen Planet 1969 and Tia Carrera but every bit as damn good!” Bandcamp review.

Check out another review here:









January 2020

It’s over. Heavy Relic will be on indefinite hiatus after the release of the “Opalescent” ep in January 2020. HR have always been a studio-only creation, so not gigging possibly shortened our shelf life and restricted our audience - however as I am petrified of live performance I’m not going to cry over it. Gigs were never going to happen, although that offer from a festival in Portugal sounded quite nice!

The complete Heavy Relic discography is available HERE.








October 2019

“Seven Relics” the new Heavy Relic album is here.









“Opening with Fuzz, fizzle and swirl, "Return To The Cruel Sea" prowls the barnacled Doom fathoms, swelling eddies of guitar tumbling through shoals and shore breaks..."Drop Flat" throws a low punch the Marquis of Queensbury himself would wince at: a rubbery, twanging bassline hauling fat Psychedelic wailings in it's wake. All seven tracks exude a heavy, sludgy vibe sprinkled with psychedelic glitter.”

full review here


November 2018

After an 18 month hiatus, Heavy Relic are “Back In The Game”.

Six more tracks of noodley, psych goodness.








February 2018

Just to let everyone know that Heavy Relic are not dead and buried!

We're slowly lumbering back to life; and as a little thank you to those who've supported us over the last few years, here's a new jam for free.







July 2016

The “Lava Lamp” ep has just been released - head on over to

A 30-minute, four track ep - the journey isn’t over yet.


Lemmy, the bass monster, is dead :(

By way of a small tribute to the legend, Heavy Relic have covered “Capricorn

Play loud - I hope he likes it.


September 2015 and “Go Forth”, the fourth Heavy Relic album is now available. Another hour of instrumental psychedelic rock, with a side order of noodling.

Read a review of the second album here:

Eight more tracks of instrumental heavy-psych with down-tuned guitars, weird synths and excessive wah-pedal abuse. I hope you all enjoy it as much as the first one.

Watch the video for “It’s only heresy if you believe


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